Vibing On Love... My first Blog!

Welcome to Vibing On Love (VOL)! I'd like you to know a bit about the Brand. The idea "Vibing On Love" came about during a sad time in my life! My mother had recently passed away and during her funeral I spoke to all that came to express their love for her! While speaking, I felt this warm feeling of Love emanating from the attendees. Martha (mom) was loved by so many, she was truly a "Social Butterfly"! Her friends and people that knew her over the years loved being in her presence! She was the light in any dark place! Mom's life centered around making the world better, she did Missionary work in Haiti, visited prisons, and encouraged the prisoners. I said to the crowd of mourners that It felt as though we were all "Vibing On Love". I accepted that notion, that feeling, and created a way for all people to express their love and passions through the "VIBING ON LOVE" Brand! So, whatever your loves or passions are let the World know you aren't afraid to express them and that you are Always... "VIBING ON LOVE"

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